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About Me

I’m using powershell like a battleaxe - just trying to learn faster and attack problems smarter.

I got lucky and after a short internship landed a job as a sysadmin, effectively bypassing my dues at a help desk. I was content to get paid and coast along, but it turns out I’m inherently lazy; I hate performing the same task more than twice if I can help it. So I picked up PowerShell and tried to work less.

This site is just a place for me to keep KB articles I write for future-Mike (he’s very forgetful) and my thoughts on topics far and wide. I’ll try to tag them properly so you know if you’re about to waste your time on me pontificating about worldbuilding or actually going to learn something useful.

Good general rules for pages here:

  1. If it’s in a KB, it’s for education.
  2. If it’s in a blog, it’s for entertainment/discussion.
  3. If it’s this about page, you can ignore it. :)

About the Theme

This static site was rendered using the fantastic Blackburn theme by Yoshiharu Yamashita. Any issues or problems you notice are assuredly caused by me tweaking it for personal use.

On Mistakes, Corrections, and Requests

Please file an issue if you:

  • notice any mistakes I’ve made
  • wish I’d update a blog or KB with the latest/greatest info
  • think my grammar could use some work
  • have a particular topic you’d like me to write about

I prefer, when possible, to keep my laundry aired and my mistakes visible - it helps me to strive not to repeat those mistakes and helps to remind me when I’ve made progress. Basically, I find transparency to be a good habit. Of course, you can always comment directly on any blog post.